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by Rajiv Gupta January 30, 2019

While that sentence may initially not make sense at first glance, after all, how does one make gold for his or her website? It is actually in reference to backlinks which are ‘like gold’ for any corporate website, especially for those belonging to startups and small businesses.  It is well known by now, as E-commerce and digital marketing have taken off and matured, that backlinks are an excellent source of free marketing for any website.  However, obtaining backlinks from websites from trusted organizations and companies can be a daunting and sometimes impossible task. This article will inform small business and startup owners how to generate high pr backlinks for their websites for free!

Backlinks give otherwise obscure websites more visibility on the Internet by associating it with other sites which are either well-known or are established authorities in the respective industry through many links on the obscure website’s pages. Obscure websites with many high-quality backlinks are often times ranked higher on Internet search engine results.  When backlinking initially emerged as a method of marketing websites approximately twenty years ago, any type of a backlink, even low-quality backlinks could dramatically boost a website’s ranking on Internet search engine results. A low-quality backlink is a backlink leading to a site which is expired, nonexistent, or outdated, among other things! Now that backlinking is a concept in digital marketing that is universally accepted and used, websites that have even a few quality backlinks are noticed more by Internet search engine bots.  This revolutionary change occurred when Google introduced its ‘Penguin Algorithm’ in 2013. It is important to note that high-quality backlinks exist, contain up-to-date information, and contain information which is very relevant to the content of the websites which they are associated with!

Backlinks are like committed endorsements from established authorities and players in the respective industry. Visitors notice websites with many high-quality backlinks for this reason. Generating free high-quality backlinks to boost any website’s public relations is easy. The website owner simply downloads a backlink generator tool from the Internet. Many of these tools exist in abundance on the Internet. He or she then enters the URL of his or her website, clicks on the ‘make backlinks’ button, and waits for Google search engine to scour the Internet for websites with related content and return URLs with the most relevant information. The user will notice that the free backlink generator (backlink generators are free on the Internet) will automatically search for and return those links which will get his or her website noticed and ranked highly by Internet search engine bots. He or she will immediately see a list containing the most valuable links from websites in his or her industry available on the Internet.  

The website owner then chooses an appropriate anchor text for backlinking. Website owners can also generate valuable backlinks by guest blogging. Though this blogging is generally done for free, the bloggers gain status and visibility on the Internet which converts into customers and sales revenue in the long-run. This is more valuable than money for a blog is for most guest bloggers. Website owners can also use SEO link building to build up their brands on the Internet.

Generating high-quality free backlinks for public relations is easy. Given enough time and research, any website owner can become the Amazon.com or E-bay.com of his or her industry!


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