Now even bloggers can sell products for a company!

by Rajiv Gupta January 21, 2019

Yes it is true, now even bloggers can sell products for a company because bloggers are also content writers.  However, anyone who writes content for marketing, by definition, is a content marketer. The advent of E-commerce and the open nature of the Internet has made content marketing the marketing tool of choice for companies.  Today’s customer craves information before making any buying decisions, and content marketing is marketing by informing consumers, and by telling stories.


Content marketing can come in many forms, from blogs to social media posts, video on YouTube and social media platforms, to white papers, etc…Because content writers specialize in written content, its purpose is key.  Content marketing is useful only if it speaks directly with a particular audience and tells the audience an enticing story. Such an audience includes: customers, prospects, investors, employees, shareholders, etc…Also, the content must be well written, researched, relevant, and well-thought-out to be effective.  


To be an effective content writer, one must be well-educated, have solid grammar and writing style skills, be an excellent researcher, be able to write quickly and conform to tight deadlines, be versatile in terms of topics, be knowledgeable, and be able to creatively generate new ideas for content.


Because content is diverse and marketed over many channels (social media, traditional, etc…) content writers must be able to write in different styles.  For example, one follows the inverted pyramid format when writing news stories, but blogs speak to the consumer in a friendly and direct way, and use the word “you” often.  Content writers who can master all writing styles will be in extremely high demand.


Content writing is directed to a particular target market, therefore writers must understand the target audience which is usually described in terms of a buyer persona.  Content writers write to the tastes and interests of the buyer persona. Content writing also uses keywords because it promotes and sells popular products and services. Content writing must stand out and use eye catching titles because they are what entice visitors to read the rest of the article.  


Content writing is all about creativity, and must be completely original for this reason.  Content writing that is duplicated or plagiarized tends to be rejected. Content writers need to know what SEO, HTML, CSS, and WordPress are because these promote content and sell products and services.


Additionally, since everything is now promoted on social media, content writers must be social media experts in order to gain followers and make conversions.


Content writing is a fun and creative field once a writer can master its tricks.  Because the Internet and social media are here to stay, content writing is the wave of the future!

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