Looking into the crystal ball for online marketing

by Rajiv Gupta January 21, 2019

Crystal balls supposedly inform people about future events.  This article will inform what the future of online marketing is.  Online marketing is a discipline that emerged in the early 21st century as the Internet matured, and as its penetration deepened in the business world.  Online marketing concerns itself with marketing over the Internet. But what exactly is it, and how will it continue to impact the business world as it evolves in the coming years?  This article will gaze into the future and answer those questions.


Online marketing is the practice of marketing over the Internet, and it is a discipline that continues to evolve.  One part of online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in which businesses use keywords on their websites in the hopes of being discovered on the Internet, but in the future companies may invest in reality optimization in order to ‘hook’ customers.  An example of reality optimization is using a digital device to shop in a department store in real-time. This type of advertising may become more common in the future.


Content will be customized to the tastes of the individual.  For example, more and better Internet connectivity, and better algorithms for creating and providing content will give rise to access to multiple and continuous forms of information and entertainment at all times.  To use an example, Facebook may have a news feed which constantly posts news the user is interested in at all times. Facebook may also use Pandora to custom deliver all songs the user likes to listen to while he or she is using the social media platform.


Because the Internet is spreading like the ‘blob’ or the ‘black plague’ it will soon be everywhere at all times in the world.  This means that even the most remote villages and areas in the world will soon be connected to the Internet. This means that traditional advertising will become redundant, and will eventually disappear because it will be replaced by newer forms of online and digital advertising.  Traditional forms of advertising people currently take for granted like magazine ads, billboards, and radio ads will completely disappear, and be replaced by Internet banners, and online TV commercials.


As the Internet becomes more open and more pervasive, the real concepts of privacy that people currently identify with and understand will disappear, and with that will come real concerns over privacy, transparency, and trust will surface as people rely on the Internet and the digital world for every aspect of their lives.  Companies will surface that will promise people transparency, trust, and privacy, among other traditional values, in return for products and services offered over the new Internet.


As can be seen, online marketing will become much more integrated into everyday life as the Internet becomes more pervasive and as its reach deepens.  The Internet is ensuring that our world becomes more and more of a ‘global village’ with each passing day with social media, and other technologies bringing the global world to our homes.  Online marketing will ensure that companies will be able to market in new, innovative, and radical ways in this integrated, hyper connected, and online world!


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