How to get the Internet to notice your site!

by Rajiv Gupta January 30, 2019

How do you get the Internet to notice your site? Well through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Internet search engines like Bing and Google are valuable because they search the web and build an index of related sites, and because they provide visitors with a ranked list of the websites that they deem to be the most important. Because the Internet is global, it can be compared to an ‘international information highway,’ with each website being a stop off place on this highway. Search engines travel every inch of this highway in search of the best websites, which they bookmark and list, therefore you need to understand SEO and how it works to ensure that your site is listed on their search pages!

SEO is especially important for technology and digital marketing companies because many people find both through search engines. Every website has a URL, and the search engine looks for links as it crawls the Internet in search of the best sites available. Once a search engine comes across a URL, it reads and interprets the code of the corresponding pages, and stores it in its huge databases.  

People look for specific things when they use search engines, and search engines respond by delivering only the most useful and relevant pages for them. It is for this reason that digital marketing companies like Backlinks media need to use certain keywords or words that visitors would type into a search engine box when looking for information. When search engines look at web pages, they scour them for keywords, and the more times the keywords appear on the pages, the higher up they are placed in the rankings. This maximizes their visibility, click through rates, and hence their revenue earning capacity.

Search engines also use  (mathematical formulas) when ranking websites by specific criteria. For example, for Backlinks media to get a high ranking from Google, it would need to make its pages informative, complete, and. The site would need to have a clear hierarchy, and text links, with each page being reachable from at least one static link on the site. The site should be loaded with relevant and useful information which is accurate and descriptive. Backlinks media website should have titles and <ALT> attributes that are descriptive and accurate as well. The pages should be full of relevant keywords which link back to the descriptive and human-friendly URLs. The URL should link back to the pages and site through 301 redirects.

Bing also scours web pages for keywords, therefore webmasters should include that their site is comprised of pages that have clean structures, and are keyword rich. Content should primarily be in the form of text, and not pdf files, or other mediums which require rich media (Adobe Flash Player) to read. The crawlers should be able to easily see rich media files.  Additionally, the keywords should refer and be relevant to what visitors want. Text should be plain and not hidden in images like a company picture because it makes it harder for Bing to detect.

There is no magic to SEO. Once a webmaster understands the process of SEO, he or she can design the perfect website that will always be noticed by search engine crawlers and will always rank high on search engine listings. This will ensure that they get the most traffic!

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