Backlinks Media is a trustworthy platform where you can connect with the advertisers through us.

Advertisers or any website owners or any company wants to raise their reputation in the specific niche market.

These kinds of advertisers make contact with us. What do they need?

Firstly they want to increase their site authority so that they require very high-quality backlinks through guest posting.

Backlinks media provide consultancy services for free and recommend websites in their niche. The website must have high DA (Domain Authority).

Backlinks media helps them by suggesting lots of sites that have high DA. Then this kind of advertisers sends a guest post to us.

and then we publish that post on the selected publisher’s website after taking consent from him/her.

Now, this is a golden opportunity for all website owners who have their site loaded with high-quality content.

Because if you fulfill the eligibility criteria that we have discussed later in this post in detail, then your job is to contact us by merely fulfilling your details.

Then our team will verify your website by actually visiting your website in real-time. Then if we find an applied publisher has a genuine website packed with high-quality posts. Then we are providing you the best-earning source by making guest posting

on your site by our advertisers. Our backlinks media team will contact you by dropping you a mail.

Let’s dive in further details:


Let’s learn what exactly “backlinks media” does?

Let’s go a little bit detailed information

There are lots of companies/individuals who are out there in the online market. They have their website. Now there might be lots of problems they might be facing/they are seeking out help in areas, such as:

  1. They (Advertisers) are not able to drive the desired traffic to their website.
  2.  And thus, no qualified visitors are coming to their site. Indeed, there will be no enough sales.
  3.  A website may be brand new, and they (Advertisers) want to establish a site in the online market, especially in the eyes of google.
  4.  They want to make their brand awareness in a niche market through the website.
  5.  They might be developing an online reputation by establishing their online existence and making its promotion.
  1. They want high-quality backlinks through the already established website with high authority (High DA).
  2.  They want to develop a brand new effective marketing strategy and SEO Management for their site.
  3.  They want expert advice for their brand awareness strategy and digital marketing strategy.
  4.  They want to rank their website in no time. And attract more traffic organically.
  5.  They want an instant boost in their traffic. And reach a maximum qualified audience.

If any advertiser contacts backlinks media for the 6th number requirement mentioned above, then publishers come into the picture.

Then we check our database, and if we find your website is best-match for their need, then we recommend your website. 

Then our “backlinks media team” will contact you for your permission for the guest post on your site. And thus, you will get paid for that sponsored post. It is that easy.

We have a vast client base (Advertisers) who have collaborated with us.

We provide them high-quality backlinks by making a guest post on your site if your site fits into our eligibility criteria.


Excited? Right?

Now we have set some standards to allow any website owner who wants to collaborate with us as a PUBLISHER.

Let’s dive in…

  1.  For the publishers who want to make their website “earning machine” in a no time, those must have to fulfill traffic requirements. Sufficient traffic is necessary for the approval of your website as a PUBLISHER. 

For the publisher who wants to collaborate with backlinks media to earn extra income

from his/her site by allowing guest posting.

  1.  Your website should be a minimum of 6 months old. Yes, We don’t allow the new site to have collaborated with us. Because they don’t have to build their authority yet, and thus there might be no sufficient, sustainable traffic for a new website.
  2.  Your website will get viewed by our “Backlinks Media team”. What will our backlinks media team inspect in your site? They will look for content quality. What kind of content are you providing? Whether your content is genuine or not? What it’s quality? How often you post the brand new content.
  3.  Your website, Domain Authority (DA) should be above 20. It is a requirement for getting backlinks media approval. High domain authority indirectly says lots of factors about that website. Such as a site loaded with content. The site must have been updating regularly. The site is fully active. The site must have gained some authority in the eyes of google.
  4.  If you don’t fit any of the eligibility criteria mentioned above, then don’t worry. Still, you can contact us and tell your website details. We will keep those details in our database. As soon as we feel you qualified for becoming a “backlinks media publisher,” then our backlinks media team will contact you.


  1. If you are fulfilling our eligibility criteria then “give us five” because you are about to monetize your site with sponsored guest posting.
  2. Basically you have two benefits for allowing sponsored posts on your site, firstly you will get paid for each and every sponsored post you are going to publish on your site. 
  3. Secondly if with/without any reason you stopped working on your site then it will be great to have some passive income as well as your site is updating through guest posting regularly.
  4.  So that it will increase your website brand value in the eyes of google. It is very important to update your site on a regular basis. So that Google will consider your site is still live and you will earn respect from google as a genuine site. 
  5. You are getting paid for sponsored posts as well as your site getting new high quality sponsored posts. This will be a win-win situation for your site.


Backlinks media is the fastest growing platform on the internet. So it is a golden opportunity for all website owners. The site owners who want to add extra income in their wallet.

So team Backlinks media is kindly inviting you. Come and grow with us. Be part of the fastest growing platform.