Some popular terms in link building service

by Rajiv Gupta May 26, 2018

Link building means establishing links with high-quality blogs and sites for growth of your company. Blogger outreach services earlier meant stuffing links wherever you get the scope. But, things have changed now. At present times, there are two main approaches to link building:

Link attraction

“Link attraction”, also popular by the name of “link earning”, is the supreme strategy in guest posting services. This strategy entails you to develop the content for the link of yours in pieces and then publish on your website directly. The agenda behind this is to attract many people to visit your page and link with you. The advantage of link attraction is that it can circumvent the chances of a penalty (if any). Whatever mail that you generate by following this method will be absolutely natural. Though it is not that easy to control link attraction, you need to have faith in your audience who are eager to find valuable sites.

Manual link building

In Link Building Service, manual link building is a sophisticated way of producing guest blogs for outside publishers. So, you need to write articles that will be relevant and target-specific. The publishers should find your content interesting and valuable. In your content, useful links can be added by you that will take the reader directly to that page of your site which you want to showcase. Your authority will be established and you will be able to build brand awareness. If you produce materials of better quality, good publishers will willingly connect with you. In this process, traffic, authority, and reputation will be increased. It is easy to handle and good results are guaranteed.

Domain Authority as well as Page Authority

When we are talking about getting higher ranks in Google and other equivalent search engines with the help of guest posting service, everything comes down to one thing and that is the authority. Authority is of two types- page authority and domain authority. The method of calculating authority is quite complicated.

‘Authority’ is basically an unofficial and subjective score given by Google to websites and it depends on how reliable Google finds a particular website. This level of reliability is calculated on the basis of the site’s popularity among customers. For building a strong authority, establishing links with blogs and sites of superior nature will be immensely beneficial.

When you decide to direct your link to a particular page of the site of yours, the “page authority” of that page will automatically be increased by that link. This will not only improve your rankings in Google but also establish your “domain authority.” Though Google does not officially use page authority and domain authority, is has been proved time and again that both of these factors are considered by Google while giving rankings. So, with the right knowledge, the visibility of a particular page of your site can be made prominent by you by directing links to that page. This can be done both with product page or landing page. Remember that strategies are important in link building service.

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