The perfect guide for finding great opportunities for guest blogging

by Rajiv Gupta June 02, 2018

Guest posting service is the most effective tool for building the authority of your brand in the industry. All the leading brands take advantage of guest blogging to thrive in business. If you are willing to start guest posting to promote your brand and improve the ratings of your site in the search engine, this article will guide you aptly. Read the whole article to learn how to find the perfect blogs and sites that buy guest post and linking with whom will be advantageous for your company.

Know your guest posting goals before starting

Before you sell guest post, your first job is to determine your guest blogging goal. If your goal is not clear in your mind, it will be difficult to choose relevant blogs and sites for guest posting. The three chief guest posting goals are:

  1. Building authority of your site and gaining a reputation in the online industry
  2. Enticing traffic from successful blogs to the site of yours
  3. To get back-link for your blog

If your content is perfect, all of these can be achieved. If your focus is the first two points, you need to link with blogs that engage an audience. If you want to get back links, target blogs having strong domain authority. There are several toolbars available online that will help you check the domain authority of the blog you want to select for link building for the agency. Deciding goals beforehand will be beneficial while submitting guest posts.

How can you find opportunities for guest blogging?

At first, you need to look for favorable opportunities for sharing WTS guest post. While searching for sites that accept guest posts, you need to look for the ones that will be relevant. You should search for blogs with the following qualities:

  • The content should be relevant to the company/niche of yours
  • The blog is capable of engaging readers. This can be verified by seeing whether their posts are shared and commented upon by online audience frequently or not.
  • The blog’s audience need to show interest in clicking on your link and visiting your site
  • The blog is equally active on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook. This is because sharing posts in these sites can give you thousands of new followers and customers.
  • The blog should have the good ranking on Google, Bing and other such search engines

So, if you are looking forward to sell guest post, there are two things that you cannot afford to forget.  At first, you need to choose the relevant blog that will give you permission for guest posting. The second important thing is an audience. Your content should be interesting and new. If the audience does not find the content attractive, they will not click on the link for visiting your page. Google is one of the best platforms for finding out great opportunities for building links.  By typing relevant keywords on Google, you can easily locate the relevant blogs.



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