How Guest posting can transform your startup into an industry superstar overnight!

by Rajiv Gupta January 18, 2019

If you are the founder of a startup, chances are your advertising budget – the very asset you need to promote your company to ensure its short and long-term success – is limited.  Don’t fret, while it is true that ‘you need to spend money in order to make money,’ you can do this successfully and reach out through the masses with a good marketing strategy which comes in the form of guest posting.  

If you choose to advertise through traditional digital marketing, and through traditional online channels, you will stop seeing traffic directed to your website the minute your advertising funds dry up because most of your advertising money spent on traditional channels and in traditional ways is wasted on the 99% of visitors who will never become loyal customers.  Obviously another strategy is needed because it doesn’t take a genius to understand that this is money wasted!

But if you link your company to those in your industry that are superstars and they endorse you, your company will be an overnight success because you will gain all of their customers and visitors, and you will generate your own visitors who will eventually convert!  You do this through guest posting. Various tools exist to help you guest post, including: MyBlogGuest, and Google. These sites will help you find the websites of big companies in your industry to post for. You simply contact the people in charge of blogging and inform them what you want to accomplish in terms of guest posting, and they will usually allow you to blog for them.  They will link your website to theirs, and vice versa – this is referred to as back linking, and it is an invaluable form of advertising for both your company and the one you are guest blogging for!

If you are reaching out to smaller companies, you simply research the bloggers’ contact information and reach out to them.  One caveat is that most guest blogging topics on most websites is of low quality and results in low visibility for the company that is guest blogging.  However, you can analyze the content on these blog sites, and their social media rankings and shares to understand what content brought in the most conversions.  You then write an outstanding article and pitch so that your content will always be accepted. The objective is to make both pleasurable and easy reading with a clear objective in mind.  

You should always have a blog with quality content before you start guest blogging so that the companies you guest blog for can return the favor.  This strategy also encourages stickiness because it encourages visitors to stay on your site and explore it long enough to convert.

As is evident, guest blogging is an emerging concept in terms of digital marketing, and it is a ‘Godsend’ for startups and companies with limited advertising resources because it allows them to expand their advertising reach without spending lots of money and other precious resources in the process!  

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