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In the content marketing industry, “ Content is king,” this phrase is usually said by every content marketer. And this is somehow 100% correct with a deep understanding of this phrase.

What it exactly means? If you meditate on it deeply. Content is king; it means you have the best opportunity to speak with an unknown user/customer with our content.

You exhibit ourselves through our content. What are you? How are you? Our honesty. Everything is shown off to the user as well as google through our content. If you are right, genuine content.

You will have more user engagement with that content. You will have a tone of comments on that content. The content, at which if you are not only focusing on a making sale, but you are focusing on the user’s problem’s solution.

If you can solve the user’s problem, then indirectly, you will make a sale through that user. In this scene, it is not necessary to pitch your product. Users will buy it naturally.

So that as a content creator, your responsibility should address the user’s problem properly. Give him an actionable solution if the user solves his problem with your solution. He will come back and buy what you recommend.

He will become a loyal customer. This is the way you can convert an unknown visitor/user into loyal customers. I am reminded of one story that happened to me too. When I know nothing about this digital marketing stuff.

I wanted to create a website, and I was confused about which hosting is best for a beginner. I had a lot of confusion then; I found one blog in which he has explained everything about hosting in straightforward language.

So any layman can understand it. I went there and read the whole blog. And I got enough information about hosting. I made the decision that now I will buy hosting for four years. And then I remind you about that website.

I didn’t remember its name, but I went on my google history, and I found out. And there was a link to purchase that website. And he has also mentioned,” If we buy, he will get a commission.” I purchased hosting happily.

This is the power of “ Genuine Content.” Therefore it is being said that “content is king.” 

That’s the way you can create user engagement through outstanding content. The content speaks with the unknown visitor. He should feel that his friend is talking with him, not any sophisticated salesman.

Exactly like I am talking with you right now. You need to focus on the quality content despite quantity content. You must know one thing that quality always wins over quantity.

Here in backlinks media, we have a team of expert “ Content Creators.” We usually analyze the client’s needs and design user-friendly as well as SEO- friendly content that creates huge user engagement. 

If you are creating content that is informative and has the least commercial purpose, google also starts promoting your content organically. Content is a powerful weapon if designed smartly.

It can drive the tone of traffic. We create content that earns links naturally. If your content is insanely actionable and problem-solving, then definitely, you will earn a lot of links naturally.


Nowadays, SEO has become extremely important. Search engine optimization is not a one day task. That means you have optimized your site, and you will get a result immediately after optimization.

SEO is like a building muscle. For building muscles, you need to hit the gym daily. Then you need to take a nutritious diet after proper synchronization of your daily efforts in the gym and your food.

You will be able to build your muscles. SEO is the same process. Once you do a website audit, you will come to know various factors due to which your website is under-performing.

Then you find out those areas on which you need to work upon such as your Competition analysis, targeted keywords, Technical SEO, ON-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Page loading speed Etc. Lots of other factors are present. You need to figure out which factor you need to start improving.

Then it might be page loading speed or technical SEO, or it may off-page SEO once you analyze the audit correctly.

Then you will be able to take action that produces fruitful results. We have SEO Experts who have a wealth of knowledge as well as experience.

They analyze your website and figure out quickly on which area you are not performing well. And you will get free of cost consultancy too. Our SEO Experts can convert dull content into unicorns. So it can attract substantial organic traffic. SEO experts are updating their knowledge in this continually evolving SEO Industry.

Google is releasing different algorithm updates, and if your website is not optimized correctly.

Then it is a possibility that you may be hit by these updates—our SEO Experts studying algorithmic updates and updating their knowledge database, and providing the best-updated service to our clients. 


Off-page SEO is extremely important, where every other website struggles. Google is giving a lot of importance to backlinks also. Building backlinks is called Off-page SEO. There are lots of factors you need to consider before building backlinks.

One of the most important factors is Relevancy. Relevancy plays a game-changer role while building backlinks. For instance, suppose you have a website in the health niche, and you want to develop its backlinks.

And you are getting backlinks from a site which has a very high DA, well-established site in the technology niche. If you are getting this type of backlink, then it is futile for you.

Google gives top priority to high-quality backlinks. The quality is measured by Relevancy. As discussed in the previous example, if your site is in a health niche, then you must need to make backlinks from other sites from the same niche.

In our backlinks media, This work is assigned to the Outreach experts. They have extensive experience in approaching site owners and getting high-quality backlinks from him. 


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